Morocco Car hire with driver

Morocco car rental with driver for your holidays


With our best Morocco car rent with driver service, you can be able to visit our country by your own pace and with all the guarantees.

The Morocco car rental with driver that our agency offer, you will have an incredible vacation with your family or friends.

Hire our Morocco car rent with driver and travel the country at your own pace with the best professionals.

We know that there are many companies that are dedicated to car rental in our country, but not all of them are legal. Hire a licensed car rental agency to avoid problems.

Many times we like to travel at our own without having to hire guided tours with people you do not know, if you are one of those traveller who likes to organize everything, do not hesitate to contact us, we will give you all the information to do it your self.

Our agency offer private drivers in Morocco that will make your vacation a unique and safe trip

Our Private drivers in Morocco have been trained to be able to offer our trips safely and with all the guarantees, All our guides of our car rental in Morocco with driver have been vaccinated and strictly follow all the anticovid recommendations.

If you want to travel by your own to Morocco book our car rental service, don´t expend money bringing your car to our country our service will be cheaper for you. and a professional driver will always be at your disposal to move you from one place to another quick and safely.

The person who will pick you up at airport is not only a driver it is a proffessional trained guide that transmit you all information, best routes and advise you at all time.

Our private drivers in Morocco are trained to explain the different cultures and the architecture in Morocco too. He will advise you of what to visit and whatever you need.

We know that there are many companies that offer the possibility of renting cars in Morocco with a driver, but be careful, not all of them have the relevant licenses for the transfer of foreign tourists through the country.

If you need more information about our Morocco car rental with driver service, contact us so we can answer all your questions.

All our vehicles are less than 3 years old and drivers receive continuous training to offer them the best service and the best price.

Our Morocco car rental with driver, from Marrakech, Fez, Ouarzazate, Casablanca or from other cities It offers all guarantees and you will have a driver at your service 24 hours a day. As long as it does not exceed the legally indicated daily drive hours

If you decide to hire a car with a private driver in Morocco keep these factors in mind:

  1. The drivers or guides must speak your own language to be able to understand your requests.
  2. They must have all the permits for tourists transfer, because the police will ask for it in the controls they perform on the roads.
  3. They must know all the routes around the country to be able to take you anywhere even know what to do if they find any road cut..
  4. And if drivers have also been trained as tour guides will be a good point to consider in a Morocco car rental with driver.

Our company offers all these factors and our drivers receive continuous training so that they can be transferred safely throughout the country.

Our car rental service with driver can be hired from Marrakech, Fez, Casablanca, Tanger or Ouarzazate. since we have a large fleet of vehicles throughout the best cities of Morocco.

Do not think about it anymore and hire with usa Morocco private car with driver, Get in touch by filling out the form or calling by whatsapp and we will make it happen


To rent car with driver in Morocco you just have to access to our contact page through this link: Morocco car hire and fill out the form.

We are sure that the car rental service with driver we offer will be according to your expectations.

Our morocco car hire with driver is the best way to enjoy your vacation.

If you have decided to rent a car with a driver, Do not miss our offers, call us and we will inform you about everything.

We will always be at your disposal during the days that you hire this service of car rental with driver.

This service is increasingly demanded highlighting the following types of travelers:

  1. Morocco Car hire for Canadians people
  2. Morocco Car rental for English clients
  3. Morocco Car hire with driver for USA people
  4. Morocco Car rental with driver for travellers from Spain or South America

The safety of our customers is our main concern so we have all the necessary insurance in order and whenever you hire our car rental service, the vehicle will be thoroughly checked so that nothing fails.

The drivers provided by Finest Morocco Tour are professional licensed licensed professionals with more than 12 years of experience.

Being in a different country always makes it more difficult to use a bank card, that is why we offer the optionof morocco car hire without credit card, that means that we accept payments in cash, by Paypal or bank transfer. Take a look of our conditions.

is usually between 10% and 40% of the budget, which will depend on the days you need the car with driver, just contact us and we will make it possible by the best way.

Trust in the best professionals in Morocco car rental with driver service and enjoy your holidays with us.


We offer a big fleet of vehicles for private tours in Morocco. They are cars to rent with driver and will be at your disposal during the time you need. Remember that our drivers can not driver over 300km far.

You have to contact us for a budget because our rates differ depending on the number of people you are, the type of car if it is high-end or not, and the transfers you want to make.
We mean that it is not the same to rent a car with a driver to travel around the city of Marrakech, than to make transfers to other tourist cities in Morocco.
Finest Morocco Tour offer the highest quality and safety in this service, we have some rental conditions, such as can not exceed 300km per day or is obligatory to wear setbelts and safety seats for kids under 10 years old.

Take a look to our vehicles to hire or rent with driver:

  • Luxury Mercedes Benz car with 8 seats with driver.
  • Morocco car hire with driver with 10 seats for all kind of groups.
  • Morocco car rental with driver for 4 travellers or less from Marrakech, Fez, Ouarzazate and Tangier
  • We also offer our Morocco car hire without credit card, you can pay via pay Pal or by cash.
  • 4x4 vehícles with driver to enjoy tours in Sahara desert.
  • If you are more than 11 passengers we can also hire mini bus with driver.
  • Adventure vehicles like quads and boggies.

We offer a car rental service with a driver guide that speaks your language.

to book our car rental service with driver we will always ask for a down payment, that you can make through Paypal or by a bank transfer. The rest you can pay it by cash the day you arrive to Morocco.

Renting a car with driver with Fnest Morocco Tour is the best way to travel by your self.

Our morocco car hire with driver or our morocco car rental with driver offer all guarantee of security.


If you ar looking for a private car rental with driver the best way is to do it with a travel agency like Finest Morocco Tour, since all drivers know perfectly how to get to the most popular tourist destinations and will be able to explain everything about moroccan culture.

We offer different cars for rent or hire depending on the number of people and the type of vehicle you desire, luxury, 4x4 or standar.

This is a good option to travel the country with friends or family, it is also the best way to travel with children, since you can organize your itinerary

Our agency offers different ways to pay for this service, we allow morocco car hire without credit card, so you can chose your payment method by Pay Pal or by cash.

Do not forget that you will always have to pay us an advance to be able to book this car rental service in Morocco with driver.

Travelers have cataloged us among the 10 best Morocco car rental with driver or Morocco car hire with driver companies. This makes travelers trust in our service and in our professionalism.

This service of car rental in Morocco offers the highest quality with a fair price, get in touch with us and tell our company the days you need this service and we will pass a budget without commitment. We are sure you will enjoy your stay at Morocco.


Many travelers ask us why we do not introduce prices in this service, it is simply because they depend on many factors such as:

  1. The time of year: During the warmer months, the routes will be air conditioned, which makes Morocco car hire with driver service a litle bit expensive.
  2. The type of vehicle: We have a large fleet of tourist cars, some standard and others luxury, this will also influence the budget.
  3. Number of passengers: It is not the same as traveling a couple than a group of 8 people.

Whoever asks us for a quote does not have any relationship with us, since we send it to him without any commitment. For more information access this page:HIRE CAR WITH PRIVATE CHAUFFEUR IN MOROCCO

And to facilitate contracting the service we accept Morocco car hire without credit card or by cash.

Contact us and we will be happy to assist you and solve any doubts that may arise. Trust in our Morocco car hire with driver service from Marrakech and enjoy your vacation with Finest Morocco Tour.


We are one of the few companies that allows Morocco car hire without credit card with. We will ask you for confirm your book a litle amount between 10% to 50%, always depending the type of trip.

We trust in our customers so if you dont want to use your credit card is ok for us you can pay by bank transfer or by cash to your drib¡ver the first day.

Some agencies that offer morocco car hire without credit card but they will ask you to make the full pay, what happen if you can not come to Morocco? We recommended to pay through PayPal to have the security of a service with guarantees.

Our commitment is the satisfaction of our customers so we offer a comprehensive and quality service.

We offer all possible facilities to make your payment and we also have luxury vehicles and SUVs for your trip to Morocco, so the best morocco car rental with driver agency in Marrakech is Finest morocco Tour.

Just contact us for morocco car hire with driver and we will take you to the destinations that you indicate, within Marrakech, or to other places of tourist interest such as Ait Ben Haddou, to the desert advising you at all times of the best option.

For your convenience on this website, in the footer of all our sections you will find a link to pay with PayPal, but you can access through this link: morocco car hire without credit card.

Our services are aimed at English-speaking travelers, although our Moroccan car rent drivers with driver also speak other languages such as French and Spanish.

The order price we budget includes all costs you indicated at the moment of your reservation. When you are in Morocco you will allowed to ask us for other services or change your itinerary, costs not included in the order price, so you should be paid directly to the driver.

Full credit card payment is also allowed. Just contact us and will provide you with all the necessary details concerning the full credit card payment via Paypal.

Trust one of the best car rental companies with driver in Morocco and the adventure begins.


Morocco Car Hire with driver service allows you to travel with us confidently, in style and comfort, with total reassurance. Purchasing our service “Morocco car hire with driver”, your trip will go without a hitch. start planning your own itinerary for your next vacations throughout our country; we can help you to built your dreamed path, and make it your own. Now, What you need to hire a car with driver? Get in touch with us right now, and hire car with private chauffeur at Finest Morocco Tours, we aim to be your trusted and reliable partner during your next coming to explore Morocco.

Car rental with driver in Morocco Why choose us for “hire car with private chauffeur in Morocco”?

Here are some reasons why car hire with driver in Morocco might be something for you to explore further our country.

  1. We will make sure that all our guests feel confortable and secure during all their touring with our company Finest Morocco Tours.
  2. Our corporate private chauffeurs have driven cars since the teenage years; so the steering wheel feels so natural to each of them like it is an extension of their own hands. They are the professional drivers of the highest calibre who have passed the very strict selection process, which is one the distinctive feature of our Morocco chauffeur service, with flying colors.

Car Hire with driver in Morocco Ordering “Car hire with private driver in Morocco” your trip will go hassle free.

  1. Finest Morocco private Car Rental provides the most competent and reliable chauffeuring service for business trip; vacation trip; photograph trip; family vacation or whatever. We are well aware of the importance of punctuality classy appearance and professionalism.
  2. Our private drivers in Morocco drove the most influential traveler’s people all around the world.
  3. Our drivers are friendly, talkative people who will give you a cultural glimpse of the country they grew up in.
  4. We offer the most affordable yet high service, perfect car and driver service across Morocco. Check-out car fleet & pricesCar Hire with driver in Morocco Here!

private drivers in Morocco and Morocco car rental with driver Benefits Of Using Car Hire With Private Driver In Morocco.

  1. Booking or hire a car with driver, eases the hassle immensely.
  2. Booking a car with driver gives you immense flexibility.
  3. Leave a city at the time you like and make many unscheduled stops en route as you wish.
  4. Also our driver will advise you of the most beautiful places to visit and will explain our culture.

private drivers in Morocco What does Our service included?

  1. A good quality our air-conditioned car + Fuel.
  2. Knowledgeable local driver, speaking your language perfectly.
  3. Driver service throughout your trip.
  4. All road tools and taxes.
  5. Stay and meal allowance for the driver.

Finest Morocco Tours guarantees, that you will be able to book your private car with notch driver any day of the week, all year around.

You can contact us via WhatsApp, by filling our contact form or via the following address E-mail:, for hire or rent your private car with driver, and make your own path through Morocco.

As soon as we receive your inquiry about Morocco car rental with driver service; we will respond immediately at least within the working hours. In case there is a slight difference in time, we will be eager to answer you even if is late. We understand that there are exceptional cases which we have to accept in order to satisfy everyone needs.

Morocco car rental with driver Our team for Morocco car hire with driver

Our drivers are all professionals in the field of transportation and tourism, well trained and fully educated with a broad knowledge of the country, while allowing you to feel comfortable and reassured in good hands.

Morocco car hire with driver will be available in line with the length of time you booked with us.

You have sufficient time and freedom, to check out several websites before you make the final decision to book the trip with us; but we would be very delighted if you give us the opportunity, to guide you during your vacations in Morocco.

You will never regret choosing us for Hire Car with driver in Morocco or other Finest Morocco tour services.

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